What is Catalonian Chirstmas about?

We are sure that you love Christmas, and even if you say you don’t you love it in the inside. There is not a single person in the world who does not love getting presents or giving them. That is why have created this website, to keep up the festive feeling every day of the year. If you read this blog regularly, there will be no day that you won’t feel like Christmas. You don’t need to see snow and the Christmas tree to feel good inside.

Who is behind this all?

There is a small team behind this blog, two friends to be exact. We both live in the U.K. and constantly see people being sad, because of the weather and because of the stress they have to endure every single day. That is why we have thought to create a blog that is around Christmas and giving, so that those people come on this website, to get a better mood, get happy and live the rest of their day happy.

What will you provide?

We will share useful information and some good stories from Christmas. These stories will include images and videos that can put smile on your face, and make for you forget the bad parts of your day.  These images you can share on facebook and the other social pages, without asking for permission, because or main passion is to spread joy, without asking for anything, giving without seeking anything in return. That is the main goal of Christmas.

The Christmas Traditions

Apart from happy stuff, we will share many valuable informations that you can learn from. For example, we will show you every christmas tradition that exists around the world, that you don’t know of and even if you do, you can refresh your memory. What are these traditions? Well, as you may know or not know christmas traditions range and change from country to country. The most common thing to do on christmas, is to hand decorative lights, installing a Christmas tree in your house and decorating it with your family. Many people hand Advent wreaths as well and put their socks on the top of fireplaces. What you will find in every popular place is a Nativity scenes about the birth of Jesus. This is a very popular thing to do, and while it takes a lot of work to do, it looks awesome!

If you think about what do you do EVERY christmas, what would be the first thing that come into your mind? Well, what most people do is send greeting cards. You are at the best website you can be at, because you will find several designs and already made christmas cards that you can print out and send to your family and friends. People who are Christian, will fast for 40 days, what is called fast of the prophets, and after that they will head to the nearest church to perform a ritual

We hope we have shared valuable information for you!